Vladimir Textoris
For 21 years, I have been doing meditation and other personal development practices in the field of healing and relationships, 14 years of which I spent working with bodiness. My personal experience has shown that you can live in harmony and with full living emotions. In my work, I observe how BMGT helps to improve our body's reaction to any situation and to resolve internal and external conflicts..

I speak Czech, Russian and English
Finding BodyMind Gestalt Therapy
I have always loved to study and apply methods for increasing brain function in order to improve work efficiency, relationships and health. Using meditation, various exercises and techniques, I managed to achieve significant results for myself personally. But at the same time, I noticed that many of my clients find it hard to use methods that require will and diligence, because strong defense mechanisms are triggered on deeper, unconscious levels. After mastering the BodyMind Gestalt approach, which carefully works with such resistance, my work efficiency has increased many times.

Understanding the basic principles of neuroplasty (the ability of the brain to change its structure), I can note that BodyMind Gestalt therapy provides ideal conditions for the integration of our brain, i.e. helps to establish a connection between its individual parts. Which in turn gives you more flexibility, awareness and a wider range of possibilities.
How is going the integration of parts?
Often clients come to me with health or stress problems. During the study, we develop the ability to concentrate and observe the various processes taking place in our thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations. In a slower and more peaceful state, we are able to notice impulses that can tell us a lot about our hidden desires and needs. Our system is very wise and always tells us through the body how to come to balance and satisfaction. By enabling all parts to manifest in a safe space, we learn to be more aware, make choices, try more useful behaviors and gain new valuable experience. With the help of such experiments, we gradually create new neural connections, which means we get more opportunities for healing, self-expression and personal growth.
Why pay attention to bodily processes?
In our society, we are not particularly taught to listen to our body and its needs. Rather, standards and norms are being imposed on us. The display of certain emotions, which, by the way, are expressed through the body, is not always welcome. Many people even have experience that it is unsafe to follow their own desires and impulses, and the nervous system has to suppress them even before we manage to notice them. Such adaptation to the environment leads to the splitting of the body and mind. You get confused in contradictions, lose self-confidence and try to listen to other people's advice. From experience I was convinced that the more we listen to our body, the faster the necessary answers and ways to solve problems are found. And this process of restoring the connection of the body and mind is essential for absolutely every person in the modern world.

About my approach:
  • In communicating with the client, I show sympathy, interest and sincere desire to help
  • I tune in to the client's ability to live the processes in their individual rhythm, without trying to push and impose my vision
  • I always give the client the choice to participate in the experiment or not. And I go with such intensity with which the client feels safe and comfortable
  • In contact with the client, we are even with him, with our feelings and vulnerability. I do not give ready-made solutions and do not assess his experience as a knowledgeable or more authoritative person. But at the same time, I remain stable, grounded and supportive
  • I believe that each person is unique and wise in his manifestation. I also learn a lot from my clients in our joint meetings
Education and Courses
More than 13 years of education and self-healing proces
  • Clinical Psychology
    student of the master program Clinical Psychology, 2019-2022, Kyiv;
  • BodyMind Gestalt Therapy
    Advanced Training for Psychologist, trauma therapy,
    United Psychological Centre, 2019, Kyiv;
  • Masseur in health care
    classical massage course for medical facilities, NZZ Stanislav Flandera, 2017, Prague;
  • Release techniques
    NZZ Stanislav Flandera, 2017, Prague;
  • Vaginal Mapping and Acupressure
    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2013, Prague;
  • Classical Massage and Relaxing Techniques
    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2013, Prague;
  • Classical Medical Massage
    The New Knowledge, 2011, Donetsk;
  • The Course for Coaches – "Intimacy and Touch"
    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2010, Prague;
  • The Professional Holistic Sensual Massage Training
    European Academy of Somatic Education, 2010, Prague;
  • Sports and Reconditioning massage
    The International School of Beauty and Massage, 2007, Ostrava;
  • Diploma of Master's Degree in Economics
    Faculty of Economics VŠB-TU, 2006, Ostrava;
  • Business Academy
    OA Polská, 1999, Ostrava.
  • Vladimir Textoris
    +47 416 26 367 (Norway)
    +420 774 178 398 (Czechia)
    Trutnov, Czech Republic
    Oslo, Norway