therapist: Vladimir Textoris
I went to Vladimir when I had a difficult period associated with an excess of anger and despair. The intensity was strong, and I did not know what to do with the accumulated emotions. Stress and constant inner struggle for a long time did not allow me to live with myself and do my business. I was really surprised at how I managed to cope with this problem with the support of Vladimir and to find an inner balance without causing any harm to anyone. Being calm and non-judging, he gave me the opportunity to express myself freely.
therapist: Svitlana Textoris
After the difficult events in my life, for several years I was looking for My Therapist with methods that would not hurt me again and again. The search was not easy, but I succeeded. Together with Svetlana, we carefully worked out a large number of troubling topics. Thanks to her, I started to listen more to my body and impulses in it. 🥰 I will continue to recommend Svetlana to my friends as a therapist!
therapist: Vladimir Textoris
I have my own therapist, with whom we have been working for several years. But a year ago, I felt that I wanted to work out some topics with a male therapist. I was referred to Vladimir Textoris. The topic of relationships with men is not simple (for me), but I was able to reconsider my fears and reveal my femininity thanks to the sensitive and attentive attitude in the therapy of Vladimir T. There is so much more interesting ahead! Thank you!
Svitlana Textoris
+420 773 694 298 (Czech Republic)
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Vladimir Textoris
+47 416 26 367 (Norway)
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