About Body Mind Gestalt Therapy

Why the therapist is needed?
Quite often, people seek the psychotherapist help in situations, when they cannot solve the problems on their own or with the help of rational thinking.

For example, we may feel as if we are "stuck" in a certain unresolved situation where the accumulated energy is unable to find a way to come out of the body; or in relationships with others, the plot of the same "movie" is repeated again and again, which can devastate our internal resources.
The presence of chronic diseases, pain, or other somatic symptoms may also indicate suppressed instinctual impulses and incomplete processes.

To find a solution, you may need help from the outside, or even better, an experienced guide who is trained throughout the whole journey to maintain awareness at the level of instincts, emotions and consciousness, as well as to create a secure, non-judgmental and sympathetic space, open to creativity and self-expression so that the client can find his authentic answers and ways to complete the processes
What is the feature of bodymind approach?
The BodyMind Gestalt therapy is not aimed at offering techniques and exercises that once worked for someone in the past, but at creating favorable conditions in which the body and mind, being in the "here and now" state, come spontaneously to natural self-regulation.
Here we turn to the wisdom of our nature, which seeks integrity and balance, that is, we begin to conduct a friendly dialogue with our instincts and unconscious processes through the language of bodily sensations, impulses and spontaneously self-manifesting images. Thanks to the support of the present therapist and your inner "observer", we have a chance to make a more complete picture of what is happening and freely choose the degree of intensity, speed and direction of experiments. Body awareness and the ability to skillfully use it for the benefit is one of the main tools for the BodyMind Gestalt therapy
What can you expect from a BMGT therapist:
- sincere curiosity, physical and emotional involvement of the therapist in the client's processes;
- maintaining bodily awareness, which allows both to be fully present in the moment and to evaluate the level of risk in experiments;
- the lack of patterned techniques and the same techniques, supposedly universal for all;
- the therapist in working with the client relies not only on his knowledge, but also on the ability to feel what is happening in the field between them;
- lack of interpretations of client conditions and diagnoses. Firstly, it can hurt the client, and secondly it creates a feeling of narrow frames and limitations;

- the therapist does not give advice on how to act correctly, but helps to find your own solution;
- the therapist does not set goals to cure the client; subconsciously, the nervous system defines this as aggression emanating from the outside, which causes the appearance of resistance;
- the therapist only offers different options for experiments, for the beginning of which he must receive the full consent of the client, including the bodily one;
- the therapist absolutely agrees with the tempo, the level of energy that the client has in the present moment, without trying to provoke him to drastic changes.
Perhaps you would be surprised at the minimum amount of information processed in the BodyMind session of Gestalt therapy, because in it, as under the microscope, a separate somatic symptom can be investigated, or even one phrase that has settled in thoughts. And in addition, questions about bodily sensations are constantly being asked. The fact is that the basic principles of the bodymind are fully consistent with the principles of neuroplasty - the ability of the brain to change its structure. Each person who come to the session, of course, chooses himself how much information he needs to share in order to feel heard and accepted with all his needs. But if we really want to teach our nervous system something new, then it is better to have patience to dive into the body, concentrate and work on a detail of your theme, just as musicians learn to play a piece on separate beats and sometimes on separate notes. From our experience, this approach gives an incredibly deep and literally visible and tangible results, in addition to the security conditions.
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