Svitlana Textoris
For 10 years, I have been practicing and using synthesis of various methods for improving body awareness and regulation of the nervous system in my work. In BodyMind Gestalt therapy, I am most inspired by the integrity of the approach, effectiveness and respect in the relationship with the client.

I speak Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and English.
My first acquaintance with BodyMind Gestalt therapy
Before learning BMGT, I was actively engaged in somatic practices to improve flexibility, freedom of movement, and body sensitivity. I have also always been interested in the topic of sexuality and partnerships. Over the past 10 years, I have gone through training programs and various courses, which later gave me the opportunity to work as a sex and intimacy coach. This work was a good school for me and a test of many body-oriented methods for effectiveness. Sexuality is so clearly manifested through the body, and therefore honest in its manifestation, that it is difficult not to notice when we lose contact with it. Every year, I have been noticing that my requirements for the quality of methods were constantly growing. Working with intimacy only, separately from other areas of life, already seemed to me limited and insufficiently effective. As a result, my desire for a more complete integration of the body and mind forced me to constantly look for more and more flexible approaches that support the authentic, spontaneous and free manifestation of all parts of the personality.
Fortunately, on the advice, I went through a BodyMind Gestalt therapy training program that turned out to be a breath of fresh air after studying very structured coaching techniques and other therapeutic models. After studying for the first six months in the training program, there have been as many dramatic and positive changes with me as there have not been in my whole life. Something opened up in me. I began to notice more and more the connection and the integrity of body and mind. After some time, I no longer needed the advice and guidance of reputable teachers to be healed and find the right answers.

Of course, this does not mean that since then I live only in a rainbow world. The body is very fragile in nature, it stores the imprints of all the events of life, and any changes cannot be forced to occur by the efforts of the will. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to My Teacher for the adequacy, humanity and honesty of his method. He taught me not to change myself ambitiously as an object. Instead, I learned to respect my borders and deeply feel contact with all my parts.

The basic principles of my approach:
Encouragement of freedom of choice
In my work, it is important for me to know that the client wants to participate in the experiment, and he has sufficient resources for this. I believe that a person's freedom to choose for himself what to do and not do, how to do it, creates security and helps to strengthen the feeling of one's own borders. Besides, the habit of making our own choices strengthens our confidence and a sense of responsibility for our lives.
Do not judge
I do not judge what is happening from the perspective of intellectual knowledge, I do not make diagnoses. Especially I do not say what is okay and what is not. I believe that whatever happens in the life of any of us has a reason. So it has the right to be what it is. It has the right to be accepted.
Individual approach
Different tools work for different people. My job is to help the client find his unique key or method of self-regulation. All processes proceed with a different rhythm, pace and intensity. I try to adapt to this rhythm and respect the individual abilities that my clients have.
Listening to the body
The body constantly gives us clues in the form of sensations and impulses. By learning to listen to it, you can discover a great number of tools for self-realization, healing and creativity. My experience has shown that no one knows how to heal from an injury as our own body. However, learning to control and manage this information takes different times for different people.
Professional education
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Embodied Intimacy Training
somatic psychotherapy approach for healing trauma of relationships, 2018-2019, Sweden
BodyMind Gestalt Therapy
straining for psychotherapists, United Psychological Centre, 2016-2018, Moscow
Somatic Sex Education
European Academy of Somatic Education, 2014-2015, Prague
Visceral Therapy
School for Visceral Therapy, 2014, Kyiv
Sexological Bodywork
European Academy of Somatic Education, 2013-2014, Prague
Holistic Sensual Massage
"Tantric Massage" School of Tantra Massage, 2011, Prague

Other Workshops, Events, Conferences, etc:
  • "Embodied Presence in Work with Resistance" – BodyMind Gestalt Therapy workshop, Moscow;
  • "Trauma to Trust" – Embodied Intimacy workshop on trauma, Amsterdam;
  • "Expressive Voice" – Voice Movement Therapy workshop, Prague;
  • "Freedom in Contact" – Contact Improvisation workshop, Prague;
  • "Embodied Intimacy Intensive", Prague;
  • "Dancing with the Shadow" – Integrative Dance Movement Therapy workshop, Kyiv;
  • "Somatic Sound Journey" – embodied listening workshop, Prague;
  • "Dance Movement Therapy" – workshop, Brno, Czech Republic;
  • "Vaginal Acupressure, Scar Tissue Remediation" – seminar, Prague;
  • "Dancefulness" – Contact Improvisation festival, Kyiv;
  • "Conscious Sexuality" – ISTA conference, Berlin;
  • "Psyche and Eros" – a conference on sexuality in psychotherapy and Tantra by Stanislav Grof;
  • "Sexuality and Psychotherapy" – a сonference, Kokořín, Czech Republic;
  • "Karmamudra: The Yoga of Bliss" – a lecture on Buddhist practice of partnered sexual yoga;
  • Self:Cervix – online programs on awakening cervical orgasms;
  • Tantra: Initiation into Sacred Sexuality – an online program;
  • Tantric Mastery of Ejaculation Control – an online program;
  • "Pussybilities" – workshop on awakening sensitivity for women, Berlin;
  • "Energetic Orgasm" – workshop, Prague;
  • "Retreat for Couples" – a seminar on conscious love making, Czech Republic;
  • "Tantric Massage Intensive", Prague;
  • Family Constellations;
  • Feldenkrais Method seminars, Prague;
  • Contact Improvisation classes, Prague;
  • 16 year experience of Buddhist meditations;
  • "Psoas Muscle and Diaphragm" – seminars on rehabilitation and release, Sensing Body, Prague;
  • "Pelvic Floor Release" – a practical seminar on bodywork and exercises, Brno, Czech Republic;
  • "Rang-Drol (Jin Shin Jyutsu)" – energy work workshop, Olomouc, Czech Republic;
  • "Orgasmic Woman" – sex coaching workshop, Prague;
  • Authentic Movement sessions.
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