BodyMind Gestalt Therapy
"It is important to remember that we are whole: consciousness is expressed in the body and the body embodies consciousness - these are parts of a single whole"
Arye Bursztyn
Individual meetings in Prague, Oslo and online sessions
About the BodyMind Gestalt Therapy Approach
In terms of BodyMind Gestalt therapy ("gestalt" means an integral figure in translation from German), we consider the human body and consciousness as a single whole that continuously changes and interacts with the environment and creatively adapts to it. By its nature, "body consciousness" seeks integrity, self-expression and self-healing. But sometimes the circumstances prevent the manifestation of our potential, and without the help of a therapist it is difficult to cope with life's obstacles. It is hardly surprising that due to our fast pace of life, information overload and lack of natural manifestation of instincts, we often got stuck in our thoughts.
BodyMind Gestalt therapy is a set of tools that helps to restore inner balance, to understand and sort yourself out, to significantly improve the state of body and mind. This method is particularly shows the effectiveness of the work with somatic symptoms and problems with the nervous system, which arise as a result of psychological trauma. It is important to note a careful approach of a BodyMind Gestalt therapist who creates a safe and accepting space in which self-healing occurs naturally and without pressure. One of the main tools of BodyMind Gestalt therapy is to increase awareness, which leads to an improvement of the contact quality with yourself, as well as with people around.
Svitlana Textoris
For 10 years, I have been practicing and using synthesis of various methods for improving body awareness and regulation of the nervous system in my work. In BodyMind Gestalt therapy, I am most inspired by the integrity of the approach, effectiveness and respect in the relationship with the client.

I speak Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and English.
Vladimir Textoris
For 21 years, I have been doing meditation and other personal development practices in the field of healing and relationships, 13 years of which I spent working with bodiness. My personal experience has shown that you can live in harmony and with full living emotions. In my work, I observe how BMGT helps to improve our body's reaction to any situation and to resolve internal and external conflicts..

I speak Czech, Russian and English
Svitlana Textoris
+420 773 694 298 (Czech Republic)
Ječná 15 Praha 2
Vladimir Textoris
+47 416 26 367 (Norway)
Ječná 15 Praha 2
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