BodyMind Gestalt Therapy

a set of skillful tools helping to maintain
body-mind integrity

Why BMGT precisely?

Dear Guest, if you believe that our body and mind are something integral and multifaceted, if it is too tight for you to live under restrictions of rational explanations and you are looking for literally tangible embodiment of your potential, then you are on the right track. BodyMind Gestalt Therapy (hereinafter referred to as BMGT) helps not only to increase awareness and find your true answers without others' recommendations, but literally in the present time contributes to the bodily processes that lead to harmonization and healing.
Session online
We have tried therapies through video calls when we see each other and we can better track your reactions. It's also possible without video, but it requires better concentration for us as a therapist.
Private meeting
A classic form of therapy in a room where you feel comfortable and safe. In this form, you can better track your body's reactions and it is easier to find a way to realize the situation for the client.
We approach all parts of our being with respect and integrate them into a harmonious whole.
We respect everyone as a unique person who wants to show his unique needs and abilities.
When contacting us, you will improve your relationship not only with yourself but also with family, friends and new people.
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